Dancing is so much fun and a great way to add variety to your exercise regime! Bollycise Bollywood Dance aims to teach you the basics of Bollywood and Indian Folk Dancing whilst giving you a great workout at the same time!

Bollycise-Banner5-RachMeg1Don’t worry if you’ve never danced before – Bollycise is based on beginners Bollywood dance steps and classes and workshops can cater for all levels.  Our aim was to create a fun dance class where you’ll still learn some great moves to show your friends later, plus enjoy a fun way to workout to some great Bollywood music. 

We can offer a Bollycise Fitness style class which is a high energy workout designed to burn calories and tone those muscles; or alternatively a Bollycise Dance class.  These classes are a slower-paced choreographed class where you’ll learn routines from popular Bollywood Films.  You’ll still get a great workout, as well as improve your dance skills, co-ordination, memory and flexibility.

Bollycise was created in 2009 by founder, Racheal Leigh – a talented actor, singer, musician & dancer who discovered her passion for Bollywood & Indian dance after assisting to choreograph a Bollywood scene for a local theatre production. 

Bollycise Bollywood Dance offer Bollywood Dance Parties for all ages, Costume Hire & Accessories Sales, School Incursions, Dance Workshops and Performances for all kinds of events.


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